Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat is your guarantee?
A Your Satisfaction! We offer a 30 day warranty on all general pest control
services and a 2 year warranty on all rodent and bee eradication.
QHow do I schedule an appointment?
A If you are a new customer, just give us a call. We will schedule your first
appointment with you by phone. Our existing customers will receive a call
the week of their service to remind them of the time and day that we will
be coming.
QDo you offer discounts or senior rates?
A Yes. We offer a 10% discount to our customers who choose to prepay a
year in advance. We also offer our senior and military customers the same
10% discount without the need to prepay by the year.
QHow much does pest control cost?
A Every case is unique. Once the initial treatment has been met, a monthly
service plan can start as low as $29 per month and up depending upon the
square footage of the home or the size of the lot.
QDo I have to be home for a monthly treatment?
A No, we need to meet with you during the initial inspection, though any
following treatments can be arranged so that you don’t need to be present.
Several arrangements can be made to meet your schedule and preferences.
QIf it rains or my sprinklers come on after a treatment, will it wash away
any of the pesticides?
A We recommend that you water in the morning so that we can come to do
your service afterward. If it should rain after we do your service, it is not a
problem because the product will not wash away or lose it effectiveness.
QAre my children or pets at risk when you do your treatments?
A No. As with any household products, we ask that you keep the kids and
pets away from the affected areas until it dries, usually 30 minutes.
QAre your treatments hazardous to my landscape or vegetation?
A Absolutely not. We carefully choose our products which are mixed with
water and will not harm any of your beautiful landscape or flowers.
QDo your treatments have an unpleasant odor?
A No, in fact some of our natural treatments have very pleasant smells such
as pine or even a root beer scent. Others you can’t smell at all.
QHow often do I need service?
A Since a pest problem could get out of hand untreated, we always
recommend a monthly or every other month service. These plans save
problems and money over time.
QIf I don’t see any pests, could I skip a service?
A No, it is because of your regular service that you don’t and won’t see
any pests.
QAre bugs or rodents seasonal?
A No, they are not. They are more prevalent during certain times of year,
but you could acquire a pest problem at any time throughout the year.
Pest problems untreated can get out of hand in the matter of days.
QI have a bunch of pests, do you have a solution?
A Absolutely! Our expert technicians will identify your problem and offer
you a simple custom solution to rid you of those unwanted pests for
QHow often do my mice or rat traps need to be checked?
A They should be checked every other day or as often as possible.
Caught or trapped rodents will become a food source for the others.
QIs it really necessary to have a monthly service for rodent control?
A Most definitely. Rodents have a very high reproduction rate. Even
though their life expectancy is only a year, they can reproduce 6-8 times
during that year yielding 7-12 offspring per litter. One rodent ignored can
become an infestation of dozens in the matter of just a few months.
QDo you need to come into my house for treatments?
A During a one time treatment or at the beginning of a regular service, it is
good to do spot treatments inside the home. During regular service
plans, it is at the customer’s request and someone should be home
unless other arrangements have been made.
QDo you offer environmentally sound products?
A Yes. We offer completely natural products for you & your home if
QWhat do I get if I refer a friend or neighbor?
A One free service!
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